A street flute player, feeling the music.
A man illuminated by the city lights looks on.
A lady illuminated by the colourful lights of Nanjing road Shanghai.
A friend gives me a genuine smile.
Pelicans at the Shanghai Zoo.
A leafs edge. I really liked the way the light played off of the co...
A view of the clouds above Thailand. The folds of the clouds really...
A man sitting on the steps of an office building in Shanghai. To me...
A lemur peers into your sould.
A pelican glides through an artificial lake at the Shanghai Zoo.
A shot of Bangkok Harbour from the sky.
A pigeon contemplates its identity among the multitude on an urban ...
A beggar on the streets of Karachi under the noon sun.
A street musician absorbed in his art on the streets of Shanghai.
A mouse anxious about being a meal for a snake at the Shanghai Zoo.

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