Boatman calmly kills time while his bangka(pumpboat) nears the shore.
Flowers were given in remembrance to our fallen heroes of WWII.
Rice Terraces carved in the mountains of the cordillera in Batad
Man opening up arms to enjoy the beautiful scenery
Man running at San Juanico bridge in Tacloban
A guide and a tourist stopped along the path to check on something ...
Man walking by a wall made out of roofing material locally called a...
List of fallen heroes during WWII at the American War Memorial Mani...
A family going off in a small boat at high noon.
Travelers overload a jeep going to Sabang Palawan
A baoatman trying to manuever his bangka(boat).
A starfish found in the beach of Potipot island in Candelaria Zamba...
Baby crocs pile on top of one another due to lack of space.
A guide pointing to the path going to the river.
Construction workers is trying to fit a new column in one of the bu...
Construction workers trying to fit a column to extend its post.

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