The holes on the shoe have different depth that cause the water pre...
A child playing in the fountain in the city of Syracuse.
A tree that was chewed by beavers.
My friend made a pig snowman on a stick.
My friend throwing a snow ball in the air.
My friend climbs on a stick against gravity at Fair Haven.
My one friend help another climb Ithaca Gorge.
Tree root with unique pattern at Green Lakes.
Steam rising from Niagara Falls at night.
Niagara Falls light on the flowing water.
The creek at Ithaca, NY looks like a swan.
Chinese water town Zhao Jia Lou with boat and pagoda.
Jelly fish in New England Aquarium with a person's face side profile.
A fish in New England Aquarium.
Tree root at Green Lakes with unique patterns.

Yunxin Wu's Photos on the Map

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