Lit candles for an Festival in Katmandu
A mannequin in front of a shop in Katmandu, Nepal
Old Peruvian Hairless Dog resting on a bench in Cusco, Peru.
Peruvian hairless dog posing on a bench.
A hole that would make a nice home for a small animal
A man is pouring molten metal during the 12th Annual Steel and Pour...
A close up of a pole fence in the Grand Tetons
A statue of a resting lion near the Santa Cueva de Covadonga, Spain
Moss growing on the rocks on the Northern coast of Spain
Baby prairie dogs at Custer State Park
A Cowboy cookout at Yellowstone National Park
3 tiny ghouls on a suburban lawn during Halloween
A meadow of wild flowers as I was hiking in the Grand Tetons
A cairn in Acadia National Park
A fern unfurling in a meadow in Teton Village, Wyoming
Two bugs on a fence in Franconia Notch State Park
A storm coming while visiting Yellowstone National Park

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