Xylocopa violacea (Violet Carpenter Bee)
Stray cat problem is very serious all over the world
Monster City "Roppongi Hills"
Street Monkey Show is still popular
Akashi Kaikyo Bridge in Osaka's Kobe City is the world's longest su...
A Bee Portrait is flying under the Borago officinalis
Most memorable travel- Scary night in date:311 Tokyo,Japan
A Jelly Fish with human face shape...
A flower reflection is inside a water droplet.
A Bee enjoys her honey in hyacinthus orientalis
A famous castle in Japan Osaka
Hong Kong International Finance centre scenic
Fire Ball Dancing. During the Hong Kong Mid-Autumn Festival, the ...
An colourful Macroglossum insipida enjoys her lunch!
When Honey Bee meets Tulip in spring time.
Everytime, when I come back to Hong Kong International Airport from...
Hong Kong Victoria Harbour is also well known as " Pearl of Orient "
During the Hong Kong Mid-Autumn Festival, the Fire Dragon Dance hav...

Ying Kit , Leka Huie's Photos on the Map

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