Silence. A man in a boat in the silence of the sea
three men having siesta.street of hong kong
a man resting in one of the walls in hong kong.
la mother and a child in the beach at pangasinan,philippines.
Birds flying over the fly overs of hongkong
Night photography.long exposure.moon
People crossing .long exposure.
Light trail photography of tram
The big yellow duck in tst harbour
a lonely lady at tst port
windy day for the balloon guy at hongkong disneyland
Silhouette of people in avenue of stars,hongkong
Street photography with an iphone 4
A chinese antique vase with a wonderful triangle light and shadow..
i woke up one morning and seen this spectacular view of birds resti...
a fusion of cuisine of two different culture and country in singa...
a glass window in a restaurant in macau
an elderly selling bags in baclaran,philippines to make a living fo...
pedicab drivers in manila philippines
a man climbing a wall in hong kong.

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