my memories of the wonderful Carnevale in Venice
some peeling posters on the side of a dumpster
A homeless man surrounded by children playing in a park
A woman of the streets in Acapulco - not enjoying her life
As I crossed the Charles bridge in Praque
the Capital beautifully restored since WW II
The somber last mile till the camp at Auschwitz
While stopping at the Strawberry Fields garden in Central Park
a lone shoe spoke volumes to me at this solemn site
A portrait of my uncle from WWI - restored and put in a porthole
From the upper deck in Yankee Stadium on a perfect Summer day
A view of the Statue of Liberty as seen from Ellis Island. Perhaps ...
Stopping by the road to meet a magnificent animal
my thoughts of some of the stories that lived in the Roman Forum
my remebrance of a late summer day out east on Long Island
an Irish woman recounting her life story to me

William Grabowski's Photos on the Map

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