A Village woman among mustard fields bloom
Sunset on Nun Kun Massif in Zanskar Valley
Golden Morning (HDR) in Dachigam National Park
Nigeen Lake in Kashmir (HDR Image)
Honey Bee with Pollen encrusted of Hibiscus
Pashmina Goats in Leh Ladakh
Panoramic view of Majestic Punakha Dzong in Bhutan.
Wide Angle view of Thimpu Palace in Bhutan where the King lives.
Panoramic View of Paro Valley in Kingdom of Bhutan
Panoramic view of Leh Valley from Sanchi Stupa Mountain.
Higher reaches of Gulmarg Valley in Kashmir (India)
Panoramic view of Majestic Pangong Lake in North Eastern Himalayan ...
Sanchi Stupa (Leh Ladakh)
Sunset in Famous Dal Lake in Kashmir Valley
Majestic Trongsa Dzong in Kingdom of Bhutan
Buddhist Prayer Flag fluttering on the Junction of Indus and Zanska...
Majestic Buddhist Punakha Dzong in Bhutan.
Beautiful Burj Al Arab viewed from Arabian Sea
Turkish Souvenirs on Sale in Jumeirah Madinat Souk in Dubai.
Majestic high Altitude Pangong Lake on the Border of India and China.
Sanchi Stupa in Leh Ladakh Valley(India)
Macro shot of Butterfly enjoying sucking Necter from Flower
Trumpet Lily shot in Night after Rainfall in Kashmir
A honey Bee captured in Flying mode towards Sun Flower
Barren Landscape (Drass Valley)
Praying Mantis sitting on Sun Flower Branch
Pashmina Goats grazing in the North Eastern Himalayans in Leh Ladak...
Fungi on a dead Tree branch in National Dachigam Park in Kashmir (I...
Sunset on Dal Lake (Kashmir)
A Women Shepard in Himalayan Mountains (Leh Ladakh)
A Road Vendor selling eatables in Kashmir(India)
Vilage Women walking on Road on way to Ponakha Monastery(Bhutan)
Buddhist Monk in Thimpu Monastery (Bhutan)
Pure Aryan Descent Girl from Gorkul(Kargil)
My Daughter with a Pashmina Goat in valley of Northern Ladakh.
Buddhist Monk with Prayer Wheel(Leh Ladakh)
Shepard Women of remote Himalayan Mountains in Leh Ladakh.
Buddhist Monk with Praying Wheel in Leh Ladakh (India)
Faith in God (Allah).This Photograph was taken inside the famous Mu...
A Old Village man of Paro Village in Kingdom of Bhutan.
Man Feeding Ducks in English Garten in Munich
Christmas Toys hanging in a Shop in English Garten in Munich(Germany).
Christmas Tree in Schonberg Palace in Vienna(Austria)
A Parachute Diver flying high in the Austrian Alps near to the famo...
My Wife on the Bank of Saint Wolfgang See in Austria.
Panoramic Shot of Nun Kun Massif in the North Western Himalayas o...

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