A photographer walks over a puddle of water reflecting her image.
A woman seems enchanted by so many shoes in the window.
Street performers perform to receive cash.
A beggar asks for alms sitting at the church door.
The stained glass windows of the Cathedral of Brasilia.
The tugboat Saint Christopher stranded in a cove in Ushuaia.
The glaciers of "Perito Moreno" in El Calafate.
View of the landscape of Salvador, Bahia.
A religious procession takes place in front of the Cathedral of Bra...
Sea lions sleep on the rocks in the Beagle Channel.
A lazy sea lion opening his mouth to sleep.
A bum cat rests on an old mattress in the street.
A canary perched on the fence stake enjoys the countryside landscape.
Church decorated for religious festival and tourists posing for pho...
Fishermen at sea, in Pernambuco, Brazil.
City of Tiradentes, in Minas Gerais, Brazil.
In the foreground, monument with the bust of Juscelino Kubtscheck, ...
Roof of the Metropolitan Cathedral of Brasilia, Brazil, designed by...
National Congress Building in Brazil roses with lights in the campa...
Brasilia, capital of Brazil, designed by architect Oscar Niemeyer.
Female percussion band reflected the drum.
Typical Canal in Venice, Italy, for urban transportation and sights...
Venice Gondolier typical driving your boat.
Colored tires, side by side, on a playground, created a beautiful t...
Gondolier waiting to transport passengers.
Shade plant with thorns form a beautiful composition.
Cat reflection in puddle on the cover pool form an interesting image.
Gondolas, transport typical of Venice, Italy.
Movement of drums sticks in the air.
Steps viewed from the front, forming a beautiful picture.
Detail of "Flor do Cerrado", typical of arid brazilian biome.
Gondolas, transport typical of Venice, Italy.
Sad woman walks, combining with graffiti painted on the wall.
Gondolas, transport typical of Venice, Italy.
Ballet dancer doing dance presentation.
Church of St. Benedict, in Sheep's Beach in Pernambuco, Brazil.
Police make cordon to repress popular protest.
Athlete of glider flying in front of the National Congress Building...
Athlete rowing training at dawn on Lake Parano in Brasilia, Brazil.
Brazilian woman with a lot of rhythm integrates percussion group an...
Fisherman faces the sea in his little boat.
Brazilian indians read his rights in the Constitution.
Elder rests on the porch.
Man faces sea sailing on his raft.
Man sails calmly on his raft.
Beautiful flower in the lake enchants everyone with its splendor.
German tourist walking on the beach in Cabo de Santo Agostinho, Per...
Small bird eats birdseed, conveying a sense of peace.
The father of my wife, Antonio Freire, with the marks of time on he...
New leaves sprouting renewed life as thank heavens.
Small gnome behind grass, beneath the mushroom, notes the photograp...
Cricket poses for the photographer.
Bee gathering honey in the flower.
The elephant stroking the tree.
The spider weaving its web to catch their prey.
The ballet wonderful hummingbird.
Enjoying the beautiful "Praia dos Carneiros", in Pernambuco, Brazil.
Enjoying the wonderful sunset in Cabo de Santo Agostinho, Pernambuc...
Wonderful landscape of "Praia dos Carneiros" in Pernambuco, Brazil,...

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