On the way going to the main road this young lady has to cross the ...
Husband and wife examined rice fields before harvest season coming.
She carries rice straws back to home after harvesting rice.
Rice terraces close to harvest season.
Old lady Hmong on lighting the way home with her grand daughter.
Young Hmong girl waiting for her friends on the way to market under...
The mother carries her children on the way to market.
Young Hmong girl tried to sun-dry corn cobs after the harvest.
Children jumped rope after buffaloes returned cage.
After dying the fabric young Hmong girl took sun bath for her new b...
Minority children are fond of skipping.
Twin boys checked ice cream before licking.
Highland girl was washing her hair on the fall.
Fisher men tried to remove fishers by shaking the fishing net.
A women collected all recycle materials to resale for recycle.
This man picked up duckweed to earn his living
HMong child sleeping while mother walking to market.
Fishing boats take a day of rest after working at night.
Salters dumping salt on the saltern-fields.
On the way going to market the mother carries her daughter on her b...
This young man working hard in the pottery-kiln to product the bowl...
Terraced fields in harvest season
Shepherds children relaxed on the cow back into the field of plum b...
In the foggy day two young Hmong lady living in the remote areas re...
This Old Lady take a rest after going around sidewalk cofee shop to...

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