King Cobra dancing to the sweet tune of the flute on the streets of...
The moon reflecting the sun's vision on the earth
In a corner with his instrument, playing peacefully to the colorful...
A tremendous wave raging towards the shore
Overlooking the royal Edinburgh Castle of Scotland
A Native American's feathers glowing from the sun light
A street performer balances the ball upon the crest of Paris
The wrinkles of a Grenadian hat weaver
A cow herder ready to take on the morning
A crisp beach day upon the warm Caribbean shore
The sunflower and the honey-bee have known each other for a long, l...
The shadow of the sun falling upon the pillars of time
The Lone Musician - what magical notes can you see within the twink...
Scotland protected by the mighty canons of Edinburgh Castle
Weaving leaves into art at the cusp of the waves
Camouflaging his muscles amongst the greenery
Relaxing and dreaming on a perfect summer day
A street performer juggling the world with Paris below
Super "perigee moon" (March 19, 2011), reflecting brilliantly upon ...
Flapping for a kiss... with a jealous onlooker!
In some towns in India, schools are able to post student grades pub...
I caught a glimpse of this man during my trip to Rajasthan, India. ...

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