Bald Eagle stretches before salmon hunting
Glendale Cove and Knight Inlet
Angry Birds - White Throated Sparrow Edition
Red Rock Crossing View of Cathedral Rock
Sunset Photoshoot on Sentinel Dome
Grizzly catches salmon in Glendale Cove BC
Screaming face in the walls of Antelope Canyon
Antelope Canyon at noon - shaft of sunlight hits the canyon floor
Colorado River gleams in Horseshoe Bend, just south of Glen Canyon Dam
A rock formation shaped like an eagle's head juts from the wall of ...
The east rim of Zion Canyon near sunset, viewed from just below Ang...
The sun shimmers on the deep blue waters of Crater Lake
Blue waters of Crater Lake on a warm summer's day
Havasu Falls tumbles into a blue-green swimming pool
A kaleidoscopic rainbow of colors in a wall of "The Wave"
Young people from several Indian tribes jump off of Rock Falls on t...
The Wave -- Nature's Skateboard Park
A colorful serape display at a craft stand in old Santa Fe
a Painted Desert mesa glows in the evening sun
Blue Mesa in the Painted Desert/Petrified Forest in eastern Arizona
A beam of sunlight hits the canyon floor in Antelope Canyon
Monument Valley, looking northward with John Ford's Point in the fo...
The Colorado River glimmers in Horseshoe Bend (Glen Canyon).
Geese take off from their perches on the frozen Tidal Basin below t...
The U.S. Capitol and surrounding streetlights glow at night

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