A shoreline scene of an Irish castle
Goats seek relief from the desert sun under the shade of a billboard.
Two cowboys admire the sunset at Monument valley, AZ
Two workmen put finishing touches on the installation of a giant ro...
The wind blows a clothesline in Newfoundland, Canada
A Navajo guide awaits customers
Navajo woman in her hogan with weaving loom
Antique Dealer Poises on Store Porch
Sunlight Filters Into Slot Canyon
Baby Gorilla Clings to Its Mother's Arm
A man awaits the entry of his group into the opening ceremony of th...
A musician in Old San Juan, PR, takes a break from her band's perfo...
A member of Clan McRae awaits the clan's entry at a Highland games ...
Family watching "Ol' Faithful" erupt in Yellowstone National Park, WY.
Celtic musician Charlie Allan
Butch, a worker at a New Bern, NC, boat repair shop
A yellow-bellied slider turtle (left) seems to be pushing a smaller...
Highlights on a pond seem to disjoin a bullfrog.
Morning light illuminates an infant gorilla nursing from its mother.
A family awaits Ol' Faithful's eruption.
The tail & head of two elephants appear as alien abstracts up close.
Sunlight forms a rainbow as water cascades onto the rocks at Niagar...
The owner of a Bahamian beachside stand awaits customers
A shaft of sunlight beams down into an Arizona slot canyon.
A eye of a Scottish Highland cow makes a rare appearance as the bre...
All roads lead back to the ship when it docks at Grank Turk Island ...
A baby gorilla rests in the arms of its mother.
A street vendor hawks his cigars in Old San Juan.
A van travels down a serpentine backroad in the desert Southwest.
Mossy trees make an entry canopy into a southern plantation.
Pipers wait to perform at the Grandfather Mountain Highland Games.
Horseshoe Bend on the Colorado River at sunset
Only plexiglass separates a young zoo goer from this female gorilla.
A street musician plays the accordian in Old San Juan (PR).
Tourist-photographer at the Washington, DC, mall
Two cowboys look out over Monument Valley (AZ) at sunset.
White chairs, table and railing seem to float in a sea of black in ...
Some members appear happier than others as a family takes photos on...
Carl Sandburg Home Nat. Hist. Site
A young father visits a doll shop with his daughter.
Young visitors to a"Dinosaurs!" exhibit get sprayed with "venom" fr...
The military graves section of a Savannah, Ga., cemetery
US Coast Guardsmen take a buoy topside from the hold of a river buo...
Street scenes appear in the windshield of an old rusted, abandoned car
A young woman shows off her daily earnings.
Scotsman Charlie Allan, piper for the celtic rock band Saor Patrol
Homeless man on New York's Lower East Side.
A bespectacled young Bahamian man flashes his Caribbean smile.
A Scottish innkeeper shows off his record number of single-malt whi...
Two young island boys flash their smiles on a Trinidad beach.
A costumed couple trick-or-treat on Halloween night.
A ballet dancer takes a break from her practice.
A beetle scurries across the sand leaving its trail behind.
A green heron suns & dries its wings on a rural pond.
Fall leaves on a pond seem to float in the air.
A maple tree takes on the look of an Impressionist's painting in th...
An attendee holds a flag during Glen Beck's "Honor America" rally i...
A military honor guard readies a casket at the doorway of a chapel ...
Coast Guardsmen on a river tender on the Ohio River hoist a navigat...
An attendee listens to Glen Beck's address during the "Honor Americ...
A minister waits before delivering the opening invocation at the Gr...
Old Salem artisan works on a basket.
A lily of the Nile bud begins to pop out of its cqasing.
Japanese "Zero" aircraft, Air & Space Museum, Washington, DC, US
A visitor to the Smithsonian's Air & Space Museum in Washington, DC...
A Washington, DC, tourist photographs one of the many Mall monuments.
A breeze blows the hair out of the eyes of a Highland cow on Scotla...
Back road in the Lake District of England

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