Members of the AME church in Chesapeake City, Md., worship during t...
Fishermen, Chesapeake Canal in southeast Virginia (US).
Coast Guardsmen hoist up a buoy to install on the Ohio River.
Early-morning light on trees on the Oregon coast
Boats luminated at night with auto headlights
A woman displays the money she's made that day.
A disturbance catches the attention of a lion pride.
A car travels along a winding English road
The elderly & the young meet at a Welsh bakery.
A van winds down a curved road in the Nevada desert.
Coast Guardsmen unload a navigational buoy to mark the channel on t...
Winding road, England's Lake Dist.
Street vendor, Old San Juan, PR
Street musician in Old San Juan
U.S. Coast Guard buoy-tender workers
A young couple epitomizes the new American family.
A Coast Guard military funeral honors a fallen veteran.
A Highland cow seems oblivious to a cold wind on Scotland's Isle of...
Even grownups can get in on the fun at Halloween.
A competitor takes his turn at the annual Oakboro Burnout Contest.
Herd Mentality: Smithsonian animals at the watering hold
Old car with scenes in front window
Rattlesnake Master Plant in Afternoon Sun

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