Vietnamese people planting rice around Nha Trang.
Trang Tien Bridge at night.
Hue Citadel: Imperial City
Hue Citadel: Imperial City. Vietnam
Hue Ciadel:Imperial City. Hung Mieu building. Dedicated to Emperor ...
Creating Art with fruit,Vegitables,leaves,and seeds for a Vietnam T...
Hue Citadel: Imperial City, Vietnam Inside the walls of the Citadel.
Who is the Boss. Elk fighting.
Riding on the back of a water buffalo for work.
Working with a water buffalo in a rice paddy.
Saigon is the Motorcycle capital of the world.There more than 1 mil...
Lady working in a Vegetable garden.
Lady with handmade brooms
Racoon in back yard showing off
Tower at Po Klong Garai Temple Complex. Cham people Thap Cham
Entrance to Phan Rang Thap Cham.Built in 13th century by King Jaya ...

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