A dancing boy in the Jungle garden
Let's play some music on the salty earth
People at the boundary between Chile and Argentina
A truck driver having a cup of tea after his lunch at a roadside cafe
A Chilean man having a light meal in the evening
The whale diving into a big puddle after a downpour in a park of To...
Men at a bus stop at night in Asuncion, Paraguay
A woman playing accordion on the street in winter Riga, Latvia
A white cat in white chairs in a beautiful seaside town of Turkey
Washed-up fish makes a silver line on the shore on the night of the...
Two boys on their way home, Bolivia
Now and here, rivers and woman in where soul dissolves in a timeles...
A boy on horseback in the grassland where wind leads life to anothe...
Two men training boxing at a park in a beautiful seaside town Olind...
A boy flying a kite in a foggy morning in a Jungle village
The city called "Our Lady of the Peace"
A man hiding his beautiful eyes behind his unique glasses

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