A young man nicely dressed smiles at the simple joys in life
A young man dressed up and looking contemplatively towards the body...
Seeing the point of view of an ant on a path in the park
A hole carved out of the bark of a robust tree by a woodpecker
A vast view of the Capital building in Washington D.C. - a large pl...
A beach house sitting on the beach of the Atlantic ocean
Simple, yet beautiful shells resting in the small grains of sand on...
Beautiful grasses and beach leading to the waves of the ocean at ou...
Castle on top of a hill with the bright shining sun
The beautiful architecture of Morocco
A peaceful sunset glistening across the shimmering winter snowfall
People traveling in a hot air balloon on a summer day
The busy and bright streets of Times Square in New York City
My friend jumping gracefully in the air, almost soaring in the air,...
The focus of the grass blades in the foreground with my friend stan...
My friend's closeup while she stands in a tunnel in the park
A bumblebee crawling on a bright sunflower
My friend playing with bubbles in the park
A Tall Ship sailing through the waters of Lake Erie
A delicate flower glowing from the light of the sun, with the simpl...
My friends and I creating a star with our hands at the beach
A couple holding hands together on the soft sands of a beach
My friend looking through the bars on playground equipment at the p...
My friend going on a walk on a farm on a beautiful summer day
Strong fingers clasping a delicate flower
Bassist playing at my hometown's outdoor Christian concert
My friend creating music on his electric guitar
Viewing the statue of Thomas Jefferson within the Jefferson Memoria...
Traditional tall ships viewed sailing in the harbor
A large jellyfish gracefully floating underwater
Tall pillars of the Jefferson Memorial in Washington D.C.
Traveling by tour on a road through downtown Washington D.C.
Wall Street sign and light on the corner in New York City
Flag placed in memory at the Vietnam Memorial in Washington D.C.

Taylor Nervo's Photos on the Map

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