A dulcimer at the Feast of the Hunter's Moon
Johnny Appleseed Festival scene in Fort Wayne, IN
The last-surviving Johny Appleseed's apple tree
A man is watching giraffe in St. Louis, MO Zoo.
The frosty night rose (The last rose of the season)
Grass for the Beautiful (the white horse)
The flowers in watering can (manipulated in Photoshop)
Tha face of Thanksgiving (A man with flowers on cemetery)
Siesta in Kyiv (obolon' street dogs in hot afternoon)
An Ukranian woman, Great Famine 1932-33 survivor, in America
An elderly tourist in Mount Vernon (Dating with George Washington)
A new church in elite Obolon' area, Kyiv
Great Famine Memorial in Ukranian capitol
A tropical storm behind the cozy car
Old Barn with Horses in Clinton Co., IN
A countryside view in Belmont Co., OH
Historical Williamsburg scene with re-enactors resting on the bench.

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