Lion cub sitting in a tree.
The view of Annapurna Base camp as some clouds rolled on through.
A water buffalo on the plains of the Serengeti.
Women walking on a beach in Zanzibar, Africa.
Beautiful doors in Stone Town, Africa.
A pair of cheetah roaming in the Serengeti, Africa.
Elephants crossing a river in Chitwan National Park, Nepal.
Lion cub in large tree in Tanzania, Africa.
Water buffalo grazing on African plains.
Lone man standing out on a cliff in Indonesia.
The 'Monkey Temple' in Kathmandu, Nepal.
My husband and an Indian woman enjoying the sites at Bodhnath Templ...
Woman walking through the streets of Kathmandu, Nepal.
Rice workers harvesting in the remote villages of Nepal.
Hindu man sitting at a temple in Nepal.

Taeghan Duff's Photos on the Map

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