Landscape view of Tiber River in Rome, Italy.
The room was so dark and to be able to hold the camera to get this ...
Side view of The Breakers mansion in Newport Rhode, Island.
A magnolia tin the beginning stages of blooming.
A peony flower that grows in my yard every year.
Working from home one day and looked out into the neighbors yard to...
A photograph of a home just built in Voorhees NJ
A heavy snow storm in January. I took this photo because I thought ...
This was information in the room in DC where President Lincoln died.
A bystander at a annual parade held in Haddonfield NJ on July 4 2010.
What is left from the Roman Forum.
This photo was taken in New Hope, PA. I went to an event in town an...
Walking back to our room from the Colosseum, it was just getting da...
A church located across the street from the Spanish Steps.
This room is located in the Vatican Museum. It took our breath away...
Vine growing on a building.
Beggers in Rome, Italy
A Roman in the entry of the Colosseum.

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