Students on way to school through a by lane of Varanasi.
A mother feeding her brest to her little child at a rural area of W...
A man sitting on the ganga ghat during the winter season of Varanasi.
A group of Hindu priest doing rituals at the Ganga ghat.
An old man doing meditation at the river bank of varanasi
A priest praying in front of river ganag at a winter morning in var...
Priest performing ganga arati at the river bank of Varanasi
Children playing in rejected waterpipe in kolkata
An adolescent girl smiling in her own village.
Students gathering for Holi celebrations at the university in Calcu...
A RURAL WOMAN giving her brest milk to her baby.
Traditional dancers looking her own photographs after their perform...
Nuns blessing a child at the mother house in Kolkata
Birds enjoying morning sun light in the river ganga at winter Varan...
A man walking in the misty weather at Gangtok.
Boys playing football at waterlogged street in the city of Kolkata ...
Children are playing with their paper boat at a waterlogged street ...
A man sitting on the mangrove root near the river bank of sundarban
A Priest meditating in front of river ganga at Varanasi
Winter birds on the river bed of ganga at Varanasi.
Children releasing paper boat at a waterlogged street of kolkata.
Youth enjoying holi festival at a street of Kolkata.
Young people enjoying holi festival at a kolkata street.
An old man try to feed pigeons at a ghat of Varanasi.
A little boy sleeping on a cloth rope in a night Kolkata street
A little girl helping to a blind man on a Varanasi by lane.

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