Fun Game of village children.
Children with father at their kitchen.
Road-side home at Kolkata.
A old lady operating her handloom at their tent.
A old man seating at the gate of a Mosque.
A shop-keeper reading The Koran at the begaining of a day.
A daily worship at the bank of The Ganges at Benaras.
Fisher-men return with their boat after sailing.
Lamas making Butter Tea at a Monastry kitchen.
Workers making fresh bread at Tandur(oven).
A old lady choosing better ornaments.
A Priest praying for prosperity in front of holy Fire.
Three friends are chatting at a bus stop.
An old lady in front of her very old house.
A tough horse race at an altitude of 15,000 the Himalaya at L...

Sudip Bhar's Photos on the Map

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