Inside Trummelbach Falls, Lauterbrunnen Valley, Swiss Alps
The 1880's or 2000's? Steamboat travel recalls America of days past.
The Motor City displays its blue-collar pride at sunset
A picturesque sunrise glows over the Shenandoah Valley
Sunrise atop Mesquite Dunes in Death Valley
A colorful Moonbow illuminates Yosemite Falls
Sunrise over the Shenandoah Valley
Reflected fall foliage in Michigan's Upper Peninsula
An American Tradition: Churchill Downs, Lousiville, KY
Harkening back to the 1800's...a steamboat rests quietly on the Ohi...
The eerie cable car descent into the clouds, high atop the Swiss Alps
Up close and personal with an anhinga while cruising the rain forest
Capturing a manufacturing hub of America, blue-collar Detroit at su...
Staring out at the Eiger from the streets, or street, of Murren
Strolling downtown Houghton, Michigan Upper Peninsula
Horses roam the Scottish countryside
The prototypical Scottish landscape
'neath the perfect sign and despite the aggressive look, he proved ...
A tranquil afternoon amid the cows and clouds of the Swiss Alps
Hiking in Sheffrey Woods, Western Ireland
Overlooking the majestic blue sea upon the Isle of Skye, Scotland
The beautiful, lush Irish countryside
The pastoral setting on the Isle of Skye, Scottish Highlands
Prototypicaly Ireland. Taking in a crisp Irish morning with a smok...
Walking outside of my hotel on Day One in the Swiss Alps
"The Quarrel" In an odd way, he couldn't get the camel off his bac...
A typical halcyon view in Western Ireland.
Capturing the moonbow on Upper and Lower Yosemite Falls
Peering out over Bryce Canyon
A little bit of the old, a little bit of the new...

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