Billowing smoke from a volcanic eruption at Mt. Arenal, Costa Rica
A Day In The (Venetian) Life
Awestruck. Soaking up the Alps in all their glory
The iconic Swiss Alps...the Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau peaks
Strike up the band! Our Moroccan hosts...
The hustle and bustle of the Marrakech main square...taken 2 weeks ...
Cruising the Dolomite monuntains
The Elders, as if posing for the Last Supper painting
Business goes on as a train dots the Mount Hood landscape
"Reflection", literally and figuratively
'Contemplation' Berber woman sitting roadside
Those Eyes...Mystery Woman of Morocco
Presenting a dignified look, despite asking for handouts on the str...
Geometric arrangement in Casablanca; working on the mosque
The serenity of a reflected glacier on Lake Louise
The dreariest of days on the Schoodic Peninsula
On a hike through Kandersteg, Switzerland
The Nomad. Trekking across the Sahara Desert
The relentless sales pitch for Moroccan rugs

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