Sunrise after a cold night spent in a blackhouse, Isle of Lewis, Sc...
Bella enjoying a warm day in the dunes on the Scottish coast.
Walking to the pier on a stormy day, Old Orchard Beach, Maine.
Next to last stop on the Alaska Marine Highway, Haines, Alaska.
The middle of nowhere, Burwash Landing, Yukon, Canada.
Rainy evening in Bruges, Belgium.
Sunset in the Tuscan village of Pienza, Italy.
Climbing the prehistoric Skellig Michael island, Ireland.
A stormy day on Inch Beach, Dingle Peninsula, Ireland.
Dawn over Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park, Arizona.
Sunrise over Loch Nevis in the Highlands of Scotland.
Reflection of mountains, Kenai Peninsula, Alaska.
Sunrise over Schynige Platte, Switzerland.
Herd of cows on the Mizen Head Peninsula, Ireland.
Bella, Clear Day, Cape Cod
Bella practicing guitar on the beach.
Picking Macintosh apples on a cool autumn day in Vermont. One of th...

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