3 am Sunday Morning, the Eagle Creek Fire
Crowning Flames ...... the Eagle Creek Fire #1577
A Needle Fern dipping; Plitvicka, Croatia # 7986.
Washington State's Mt Adams, as a Lightning Storm Approaches
Through the PEEP Hole Dubrovnik, Croatia9119
Zagreb's Opera House, Croatia
Dark weather approaching Mt Adams of Washington state
Crowning Flames ...... the Eagle Creek Fire #2349
A Duck swimming in Plitvicka National Park, Croatia.
Cuban Sunrise, first light.
Water Meets Fire and in this case steam is formed, creating an arra...
People have different jobs and skills. Here is a pilot dumping aeri...
Bulldogging at the Glenwood Rodeo in Washington.
Jump Darkness After attending a wedding in the darkness of Trout L...
University of Alabama's "Million Dollar Band".
Isolation, in the middle of Nowhere. No other land mass for 285 mi...
A female Bald Eagle awaits for her mate to return one late afternoon.

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