motel signal and traffic on the avenue, summer night in california
flying over Greenland and artic sea, summer seASON
old town square in late evening.
mediterranean coast, cinque terre
a view of Teide Volcano, 4000 meters high peak in a deserter land
the deep blue Mediterranean sea and historical monuments of italian...
a seal after a morning swim in south australia coast
a night in Melbourne central square
Burj Al Arab, Dubai famous building at night. Taken from other side...
storm is coming over Notre Dame, Paris
Abu Dhabi greatest mosque, in the internal courtyard a minaret hide...
muslim woman walking in the courtyard of Abu Dhabi mosque
two men fishing regardless the stormy day
boys waiting for good waves
floating at motel swimming pool
Maui lights as lava and the last sunlight in the sky.
Na-Pali valley coastline, where mountains fall in the ocean
lonely turtle in amazing blue pacific ocean
luxuriant valley, river and tropical wood

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