An elephant statue on the podium of the Palace Hotel of the lost city.
Crowd enjoying the alphorn instrument music outside the church.
Autumn leaves altered in to a lovely textured kaliedoscope pattern.
Restoration of the famous historical Parthenon in Acropolis.
A balloon seller at the busy syntagma square.
A street facing the medieval clock tower in Bern.
A view of the picturesque Czech Republic(Praha),a city with stunnin...
The reflections in the lake after the sunset that was there only fo...
Medieval clock tower in a street in Bern filled with flags.
Colorful masks in Venice. Walking on the streets of venice,i came ...
White sail on a turquoise lake. As i sat in my balcony watching th...
A houseboat rests after the ferry in the backwaters.

Srividya Sriram's Photos on the Map

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