Upside down jellyfish at Monterey Bay Aquarium
Segment of the Last Judgment fresco painted by Michelangelo in Sist...
Fresco of the Sistine chapel,Vatican
Underwater anemone at the Monterey Bay aquarium
Roman mosaic of Alexander the Great in Pompeii,Italy
Gate at the Balboa Park museum.
Sculpture from renaissance period in Tivoli,Italy
Trevi fountain in Rome, Italy
Ancient ruins in the centar of Rome, Italy
Flying seagull at the Twin lakes beach, Santa Cruz
Man sitting alone at the park.
View from a hotel room at the Westgate hotel,San Diego,CA
Architecture in Vatican City
View from the top of Mount Caroline Livermore,Angel Island State Park
Close-up image of a lion symbol in Pompeii,Italy
Cabin in the woods at Angel Island State Park.
Picture of jelly fish taken with my cell phone at Monterey Bay Aqua...

Sofija Grupche's Photos on the Map

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