A patriotic facade on a seafood restaurant on Cape Cod.
View of Granada from the Alhambra
A shaded gravestone at Arlington National Cemetery
My best friend getting her hands washed with rosewater at a Morocca...
Dahlias in front of buttresses of medieval church in St. Pere-sous-...
Fourth of July fireworks over the Potomac
Looking in to the patio of Catedral de Santa Mara de la Sede
A welcoming mural and garden outside a restaurant on Cape Cod.
Le Pont Saint-Michel au crepuscule (Saint-Michel bridge at twilight)
A pro-Israel parade and pro-Palestine presence to protest.
A boat tethered for the night on the Chesapeake Bay.
Leaving the Metro station on my way to the Carnival in Paris.
Walking across a bridge in Chablis on a still day.
A man harvests cranberries in a flooded bog
A double-decker bus, bicyclist, and bubble blower all move down Cam...
A group of school children visiting an art gallery take on qualitie...
Looking out the airplane window over the Alps
A breezy night in front of an old train car-come diner.
An artist touring a gallery takes a moment to look out the window
Walking towards the center of town in a small village in Bourgogne,...
Enjoying Chinese New Year in Chinatown, London with other tourists.
A girl walking through the park, carrying a pink cat-shaped parasol.

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