childrens enjoying nagor dola at the park
a young lady performing in front of a huge audience
A sunset at the seaside of Bangladesh
a procession of devotees steeping towards the temple with lighted c...
thousands of devotees saying their prayers to the Allah at the day ...
a man bathing on the bank of the river at the time of twilight
The palanquin bearer carrying a newly married bridegroom at the riv...
A group of people performing on the stage at the national theatre i...
The last light at the river side
Woman working together in household
A woman going to collect waters
The mother & child at the slum
Manik nagor Pitha Utshob
The last ride before the dusk
A street saint smoking on his way to explore
He and he try to sharping
A farmer going back home at the dusk
people fishing in the marshy areas
All Souls day in Bangladesh
A boatman on the river waiting for rain
children playing in the mud
A young passing through the broken embankments area
a woman of sunder ban area showing her fishing tools & posing befo...

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