while riding my bicycle solo from SF to DC I found neat patterns in...
Blue stone river near Teller, Alaska. River partially frozen.
My girlfriend in Nome, Alaska on Memorial Day
Photographing in Monterey, Ca with marine layer rolling in
Black bear in the morning hours
Fishing boat in an Atlantic harbor during a snow storm
Storm brewing over a fiel of canola
Petroglyphs in a canyon outside of Moab, UT
Boating in Waterton N.P. Alberta Canada
Canyon along the Utah-Colorado border
Dragon Fly at Loch Lomond outside of Santa Cruz, CA
End of the line "Kougarok road" 84 miles from Nome, Alaska
Tattered flag overlooking the ice covered Bering Sea in Nome, Alaska
Alaska Department of Highways car abandoned off dirt road outside N...
Memorial Day ceremony while visiting Nome, Alaska May 2010
While driving through Nevada on the loneliest road in the US HWY 50...
While snowshoeing in the Adirondack's I came across this little pla...
Woodpecker along a local nature trail in upstate NY
Bonze sculpture with Church in the background against a blue sky
Vietnam Vet playing guitar for tips in Manitous Springs, CO

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