Scuba Diving with a spin - using a slow shutter speed and spining t...
Searching for shells- { high speed sync, using off capera flash }
My aquarium was creating a natural Prism - refracting the light on ...
Papa - You need to smile more!
Sunrise at kin marsh,Okinawa-Japan
( Otus lempiji ) Collared Scops Owl- night dwelling at the camp ground
No chance against a crow! A Crow attacking a juvenile Common Moo...
Okinawan Lizard(Takydoromus smaragdinus)eating on a fern leaf.
Diving and finding a feather star-
Underwater Fluorescence - Night Photography- Coral of the Okinawa
Razor coral- Underwater Flourescent Photography
Razor coral- Underwater Flourescent Photography
Diving at Maeda Point, Okinawa-Japan
Backdive into the pool - Lady in red
Sepioteuthis lessoniana - Big fin reef squid eye

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