Walking to the beach at Caladesi Island
A formation of P-51s perform a "Missing Man" maneuver, in recogniti...
A very tired boxer after a long day filled with play and swimming.
One of the wild ponies of Chincoteague resting by the ocean.
A graceful old C-47 sitting in a field, watching the skies.
Three different birds perfectly arranged from largest to smallest. ...
A startling red dragonfly perched on a branch.
Ann climbing a rocky waterfall she intended to paint.
I was fascinated to see how this tree was slowly moving down the ba...
A beautiful flower photographed at the Rochester Conservatory.
A Great Blue Heron after catching a fish, tosses it to make it easi...
A cardinal sitting on a branch during a snowstorm.
An old C-47 siting on the field during an airshow.
A dragonfly perched very carefully on a hunting alligator.
Macro photo showing the beauty of dragonfly wings.
A beautiful dragonfly perched on a branch on a hot summer day.
The Upper Falls at Letchworth State Park during winter
Fall foliage watching at Letchworth State Park
Canoe sitting by the St. Lawrence Seaway
Great Blue Heron on the St. Lawrence Seaway

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