Lobster traps on Casco Bay in Maine--taken from in a rowboat
Preparation for the procession of the Good Friday penitents.
A Toy horse with rider rides through the landscape
A whimsical image that I think would look great on silk.
Snowy Egret in the sunrise of Poggio di Venaco
Snowy Egret in Campu Magnu Corsica
Winter at Roger's Trading Post in Boone, North Carolina
Sous le ciel de Paris (Under Parisian skies)
Sunrise from Birch Island on Casco Bay, Maine
Child looking up at a baloon at a Bikram Yoga party in Asheville, N...
Veteran's Day at the veteran's cemetary in Black Mountain, North Ca...
Old church bell in a small chapel in central Corsica
Sunrise in the "vieux port" of Bastia, Corsica
Historic village of Penta-di-Casinca in eastern Corsica
Looking in the window of an abandoned building on an island in Maine.
Hiking in Graveyard Fields on a rainy day.
Good Friday mass in Corsica.
Traditional Good Friday mass in the Castagniccia (Eastern Chestnut ...
Preparing matzoh balls for the soup at Passover
Good Friday celebration in the Castagniccia of Corsica 2011.

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