Chipmunk hiding under a rock in Rocky Mountain National Park
Sunset over Saylorville Lake, Des Moines, Iowa.
Heard of elk grazing on the mountain side, enjoying the view in Est...
VFW Veteran at the Nebraska State Fair in Lincoln, NE.
A child taking a picture of a restored B-17 Flying Fortress named "...
Young Red Tailed Hawk had swooped onto my chimney then down into a ...
Momma and her ducklings swimming in the lake at sunset.
Small Monarch butterfly resting on a purple flower.
Ayla exhaling smoke from her cigarette.
Winding road along side a rocky mountain river.
Country house in Brownville, Nebraska looking rather patriotic.
Trail Ridge Road in Estes Park, Colorado.
Young Native American dancer at Metro Community College Pow Wow in ...
Double Rainbow seen from the interstate in Nebraska.
Silhouette of hummingbird sucking nectar from a flower in mid flight.

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