two mated golden frog are jumping in a pond.
the couple of the kingfisher mating each other.
take care of their pets like a mother.
self-helped people are working in a village of west bengal.
the royal bengal tiger is not in a mood to give the snap.
the heritage "bene-doll"dance at the village area of west bengal.
conservative women of a part of india taking rest in a break of jou...
afetr travel of miles they are taking rest and make to arrenge the ...
she is happy and delighted on the tour of rajashthan.
the deer in search of food in a deserted forest.
rajasthani women happy with their family
pair of kingfisher making affection in their own way.
a squirrel take away her baby to eschew the risk.
travel with entire family out side the deep forest.

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