walking on the peaceful morning beach in Montego Bay,Jamaica
this blue heron is flying away after a dog jump in!
watching lovely family passing by
This Northern Flicker was resting our back yard with nice pose.....
fire sunrise in Montego Bay,Jamaica
swimming at the local's favorite beach call "Ala Moana Beach Park" ...
One day While I was waiting for some snowy owls to take flight for ...
El Ray,ancient ruins in Cancun,iguanas are the temple guard in there.
It's more an iguana sanctuary than an arqueological site El Ray,anc...
watching beautiful sunset at the Waikiki beach in Honolulu,Hawaii
went out too far and big wave came over
"There is a breakfast!" watching this bird tries to get some breakfast
while walking near the Aloa Tower,this bird was following us!
watching the view from the point near Hanauma Bay in Honolulu, Hawaii
fishing in most peaceful water

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