A cuesta appearing through the fog in Umiujaq, Northern Quebec.
Curtains shut against midday blazing sun in Provence.
A tall, spiny Pachypodium tree in Madagascar.
My friend and colleague Pascale watching out for rocks as we naviga...
My friend Marie-Pier meditating and taking in the view of Northern ...
A glimpse of the beautiful architecture of Old Lyon, France.
A forest crab in Masoala National Park, Madagascar.
Ice breaking on Hudson Bay, Northern Quebec.
Collection of caribou antlers, Northern Quebec.
Hiking in Parc des Grands-Jardins, Charlevoix area, Quebec.
Brown lemur (Eulemur fulvus) watching intently as her mate comes he...
Early morning by Great Whale River, Northern Quebec.
Snow on storage containers, Northern Quebec.
Baobabs, by their massive forms and old age (some may be several ce...
Crested penguin viewed from an unusual angle.
Blue Morpho, up close and personal...
Young Malagasy boys displaying their agility at sunset.
While on wondersome Baobab Alley, Madagascar, the contrast between ...
Lost shoes in the snow, Quebec City.
Dawn on Great Whale River, Northern Quebec.
Man reading a paper in busy Grand Central, New York City.
Young fern unfurling in the spring.
Crocuses growing through the snow.
Field workers going home at dusk, Madagascar.
The guitar player - hand portrait.
Storm clouds gathering over a cuesta in Umiujaq, Northern Quebec.
Quebec City's Celtic Festival parade.
Bagpiper at Quebec City's Celtic Festival.
Inuit girl on top of the village's Inukshuk.
Moored ship on Hudson Bay, Northern Quebec.
Misty morning by Great Whale River, Northern Quebec.
Arctic willow growing on bare rock on a tundra hill.
Mushroom fighting its way up on the forest floor.
A field of cottongrass on a hill in Kuujjuarapik, Northern Quebec.

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