Railroad tracks to "Death Camps" in Berlin, Germany.
Young street drummer in the streets of New Orleans.
USN Cadets walking the streets of the French Quarter in New Orleans.
True American craftsmanship. This beautiful Cadillac was begging f...
Two little ladies decided to pose for the Camera.
The result of the 1964 earthquake to the city of Portage in Alaska,...
While hiking in Flat Top Mountain outside Anchorage, Alaska, I was ...
Candied Apples are an American favorite out on the town desert!
Street singer! The French Quarter, New Orleans
Southern California Surfer Silhouette Summer Sunset!
Original Buick Logo at the Classic Auto Show in Marina Del Rey, CA.
Hiking in the Grand Canyon.
Seward Alaska from train on the way to the Alyeska resort.
Mule Carriage station at the French Quarter in New Orleans.
Took this beautiful sunset shot of Mt. Mckinley at around 9:30pm ou...
A WWII legend P51 Mustang sitting on the tarmac at the Chino Airpor...
Couple of comrades Silver Back Gorillas at the San Diego Zoo.
Awesome display of Red Hot Chili Peppers in the Southwest USA.
Tree in Alaska with Fungus growth converted to black and white.
Float planes ready for an Alaskan adventure in Anchorage.
The Blue windows of this house were an exact match of the sky so I ...
The "Lion King" at the Wild Animal Park in San Diego resting on top...
Left over from a horse carriage outside Sedona, Arizona.
Found this sign at an antique shop in Sedona, AZ.
Old carriage wheel from the southwest USA.
Berlin: Old and New. What's left from this cathedral after WWII.
Fruits lady during the Wine parade in New Orleans.
Dawn in San Jose, CA in 2008 two days after a major brush fire.
This guy dressed up as an Irish man during the Mardi Gras celebrati...

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