Group of pelicans are flying over the sea.
A foggy day at the mountain.
A woman was feeding water to her dog after running.
High rising building in the grass wall.
Sun rising at "Backryung Island" in Korea.
A baby in grandmom's arm made "V" sign.
Birsa are flying at sunset.
Birds are flying at sunset in desert beach.
At the restaurant in Catalina Island.
At Arrowhead park girls were enjoying swing.
At a Indian reservation, a pastor was praying for a girl with her g...
Walking Long beach walkway with friends by the lighthouse.
Plicans are flying over the sea and surfers are watching the march.
Birds are waiting for somthing may be friends.
Shiny pebble stones at the sunset.
A photographer's motion at the isolation.

Sam Chang's Photos on the Map

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