Portrait of a photographer and the spirits of the past
Wind rippling the water as a black-neck-stilt alights
The sacred ceremony begins with the Pū (Hawaiian Conch Shell)
Headed into the unknown near the summit of Haleakala volcano
Kolea (Pacific Golden Plover) at sundown
An Hawaiian monk seal camouflages itself amongst the rocks and pebb...
Rain drops lightly linger on leaves at Manoa Falls Trail
Exposed trees survive the wind and waves of Windward, Oʻahu
A rainbow appears each time ocean water erupts through Mauiʻs Nakal...
An Alae ʻUla (Hawaiian Common Moorhen) forages at Kawai Nui Marsh
Awakened, a Hawaiian monk seals assesses his surroundings
The majesty of the Grand Canyon as presented at Lipan Point
Afternoon sun and parting clouds paint the Grand Canyon
A Laysan albatross with its chick at Kaʻena Point quietly nesting
A father and daughter hold hands on their return hike from Kaʻena P...
A parasail-surfer rides the waves at Malaekahana Bay
Idiot's Bluff, Grand Canyon National Park
A turtle covers itself with sand while sunning near Alii Beach Park
A bison once again stands amid the tall grass where its ancestors o...
Japanese White-eye (mejiro) grabbing a bite to eat
A Laysan Albatross preens while nesting at Kaena Point
A cattle egret raises its wings to land at Kawainui Marsh
Condor #87 circling home to Battleship Formation, Grand Canyon
Raven flight in mid-afternoon light over the Grand Canyon
Sacred Bell (bon-sho) and wooden log (Shu-moku) at Byodo-In Temple
Japanese garden and reflecting pond with Muslim family
Byodo-In Temple with reflecting pool and black swan
Hawaiian birthing stone with mamaki leaves
A young silversword at the summit of Haleakalā, Maui

Salvatore Lanzilotti's Photos on the Map

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