Fisherman fishing at canel.
Mother and Son washing clothes.
One Old Naga Sadhu and young Sadhu at Gangasagar Mela.
Photography Durga Immersion.
three lady cleansing the rice.
Two people sleep in the veranda of a road side house and a boy just...
River Ichamot (India-Bangladesh border) lot of boats from India and...
Father and Son Covering Durga Idol at Kumartulli, Kolkata.
A man bathing at river Ganga ( Ganges ).
There sister at mud house.
Old lady holding bunch of banana and a pradip on it, and two lady p...
Statue of mahisasura Ma Durga's hand background.
People crossing mud to catch their boat.
Basuriya, A unkwon sanyasi playing flute.
People boat at river Ichamoti in the eve of Bijaya Dasami ( the day...
Two people playing chess at evening under a flyover.
Two kid showing games and tricks at local train and passengers are ...
Two women taking their cow to field.
People immersing Ma Durga Idol at river Ichamati, Taki.
Three young lady playing abir (color) at basanta utsav.
A young student returning home is hand pulling rikshaw watch the ma...
A young labour taking rest and playing with his mobie in front of c...
Two People returning home from field.

Saikat Paul's Photos on the Map

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