Girl crossing the tiny rope bridge.
Combination of wild plant and butterfly. Just want to convey that t...
Young monks are watching at the huge reclining Buddha statue.
A lady bug resting on the white flower.
A dragon fly is resting on the lotus.
Kaku ancient Pagodas in Myanmar.
Waiting for my flight to Shan State.
A monk is gazing at the great Shwedagon Pagoda at night.
Palm trees are grown beautifully on the road side.
Fisher boys are trying to catch some fish from this dried lake.
Boys are playing football happily in the rain.
A nun is cleaning up the dried leaves in the morning.
A young girl is lighting up the oil lamps in the lighting festival.
Workers are having their lunch in the paddy field.
A young monk in learning his lesson.
Akha family living on the hill region.
Just a tiny part of a plant shooting with macro lens.

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