A woman with the face covered with piercings is hugging herself
A man coming from Guatemala is playing a flute in a public park
A woman of stone seems to be screaming with her hands on head
A woman lying on a bed looking at somewhere.
A new being, a mixture of tree and woman-headed pine has her arms up
A beautiful tree with yellow flowers is rising to the sky
A woman is very quiet, with closed eyes and a mysterious smile in h...
A small orchid is rising to the sky in search of light
A new being, a mixture of man and tree, has pine leaves instead of ...
A paraglider crossing over the landscape just in front of the sunset
Purple flowers covering the street because was Autumn
Two Brazilians gypsies are inside a tent, sited on the bed, wearing...
A beautiful view of Copacabana's beach from my hotel
A man has his head opened by plants that were coming out.
A woman with her arms up, behind her head, looking at somewhere

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