Walking down the stairwell in a Louisville, KY building.
The sunlight captures the shadow of a man against a hillside.
After a spring shower, a mushroom sprouted from the grass.
A lightning storm delays the departure of the plane in Nashville, TN.
Along the sidewalks of Louisville, Kentucky, a man enjoys his after...
The chairs fill the room of the closed business.
The frame captures the motion of a golfer swinging.
In a Kentucky barn sits the tools of the past - the tools of farming.
Running along floor 6 in a hotel, a woman runs toward somewhere.
In the western United States during a full moon, the stars were out.
Flying at 30,000 feet, a cloud rises above.
Arranging her flowers, a florist enjoys her work in Seattle, WA.
Looking high above from the Gateway Arch, people below look like po...

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