Dried fish in the fresh market in Chiangmai.
Traditional home built into a scraped out hill in Swaziland.
Elephant trainer washing it's elephants tusks in the river.
Temple statues lining the streets in downtown Chiangmai, Thailand.
Elephant trainer in Thailand, scrubbing down his elephant during hi...
Fountain welcoming tourists to the Pantheon.
Sun setting on the coast of Cape Town.
A fountain overflowing on a cool summer evening.
Sunset illuminating Cape Town's 'Chapman's Peak'.
Surrounded by a school of fish while snorkeling in the ocean.
Filipino boy peeking out from the doorway of his shack.
A Filipina girl, feet bare in the dirt, surrounded, yet alone.
Boys spinning homemade tops, crafted out of can tops and pens, a th...
Siblings bonded by love and poverty.
Children waiting in line, feet smeared in the dirt, illuminated by ...
Sunset and moonrise under the Eiffel Tower in Paris.
Morning view from our chalet in the French Alps.
Water Buffalo in the Philippine Sun
Sunrise Illuminating Giraffe in Kruger Park

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