South Rim of the Grand Canyon looking North and into the canyon
Lumber from the jungles of Costa Rica
Lush meadow competition for food. Parnassius butterfly competing wi...
Stomping through the market in Sapa
Sweet nectar draws all of Nature's critters. Lush meadows in the Ca...
Ancient Egypt views modern Cairo
Ceremonial dance on Giza in the Solomon Islands
Desert Mosque in an oasis
Hairstreak along Agean Sea in Turkey
Antelope slot canyon Arizona. Afternoon sun hits the walls of the d...
Merchant selling necklaces at Aswan
Living quarters in Cappadocia, Turkey
Day flying moth feeding on thistle while hovering over plant
River transport of jungle wood
Traveling from past to present by camel
Approaching the Great Pyramid in mid-day traffic
The Trip into town by camel
Morning kissing of the camel ceremony
Woman moving through the streets of Cairo
Selling necklaces along the Nile
Dinner for one. Yellow bellied-racer catches Western Fence lizard
yellow bellied racer catches a western fence lizard for a breakfast...
Last one out turns off the lights
Roseate Spoonbill in flooded Costa Rica
South Rim observation tower of the Grand Canyon
Lunch time for a dragonfly: Watching a dragonfly catch and consume ...
Kissing your camel goodby
Old lady on the streets of Cairo
Migrating Vanessa Butterfly stopping for a snack

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