albino alligator rests arm on darker alligator
boy stands in front of large, intimidating doors
fireman leaves truck and heads into smoke
An interesting assortment of messaging in downtown L.A.
Volcano erupts behind wall in Costa Rica.
Performer inside giant inflatable ball at concert
girl ordering Greek food on venice beach
Jesus Lizard camouflaged in Costa Rican Rainforest
workers on hoover bridge
man staring at elephant
A dolphin leaps ahead of a huge freighter in the port of Corpus Chr...
A flamingo casting its shadow on the ground.
State Fair scene with creature and Ferris wheel.
A pelican dives for fish along the Mexican Riviera.
A melancholy clown in a Christmas parade
space ship shaped building off highway
Scorers wait at a table before middle school volleyball match.
Costa Rican performers in parking garage
A bee creates an interesting pattern of rings on the water's surface.
Light, shape and texture in Dumont Dunes create the look of an almo...

Ron Henderson's Photos on the Map

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