The Fishermen push their boat for catching fish
A scene in the brake water
The Father and Son is looking for clean water after typhoon in Pamp...
Boy with umbrella in the farm
Reflection of mother and daughter outside the church
The Welder Man is fixing the iron frame
Kids Playing Of Jumping Rope During Summer Time
The Formation Of Policemen and The Shadow Of Mediamen
Horseman crossing the bridge
The Lonely Mangrove In Calatagan Batangas
Reflection Of Bakawan in Batangas Mangrove Area
Bird Sanctuary in Coastal Area, where Migratory Birds gather for food
Man pushing delivery cart in the flood
Sleeping Bats In The Cave Of Davao
The Art Bark Of Mahogany Tree
Series Shots Of Man Carrying Cross
Playing Kids In Breakwater during sunset
This photo was taken in Coastal Area of Pasay during Photo Walk wit...
This top shot photo was taken in Anawangin Cove during summer vacation
2 Kids Playing with water
This shot of a man carrying water was taken during Photo Walk with ...
This photo was taken in Flooded Artex Malabon, during Holy Week (Th...
This photo was taken in Coastal Area of Paraniaque on summer day
This photo of Overload Jeepney was taken in the Province of Bohol.
This photo of Kaballero crossing bridge was taken in Quezon Provinc...
Young Students in barrio are reading book after class

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